You May Be Wasting Your Data (video)

Have data, make money. Okay, maybe it's not as easy as that, but data is the new currency of business. I want to share with you two key things we learned from 6 years of running Bulu Box:  the value of first data and how understanding your customer will transform your business.

Our friends at the Subscription Summit are giving you access to my 20-minute talk from the 2017 event, Data-Driven Discovery, in which I share those two insights.

In 5 years of operating Bulu Box, Paul Jarrett has come to understand the subscription commerce customer. In 2016, he even began creating turnkey subscription box solutions for clients which include Fortune 500 companies. In this presentation, Paul discusses the data component of a sample box, and how to keep customers interested with surprise, delight, and inspiration.

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