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Paul and his team at Bulu build private label Subscription Box businesses.



The New Entrepreneurial Frontier – We're located in Lincoln, Nebraska and I'm proud of it. There's an explosion of startup companies in the heartland (the Silicon Prairie) and CBS sat down with me to talk about it.
- CBS This Morning

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"When Paul and Stephanie Jarrett started their company Bulu Box—it was a leap filled with moments of fear and uncertainty. The journey, however, has not only strengthened their marriage but served as a conduit for their purpose in life.

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Add a recurring revenue stream to your business while bringing the delight of subscription boxes to your customers. Bulu partners with select companies to launch turnkey subscription box programs.

Don't Read This For Motivation

I'm frequently asked to comment on the topic of “culture.” IMO too many people get “good culture” confused with “motivating employees.” F*ck motivation.



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"Paul has an intuitive understanding of business and has provided valuable insight time and again. If you have reason to do business with Paul, leap at the opportunity."