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We launched 3 new Subscription Boxes! #BangTheDrum

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I’m a firm believer that in 2018 people have to accept it is necessary (narcissary?) to share with the world accomplishments whether you like it or not or you’re just going to fade out and have to pay extra to be heard.

For me, it’s not a challenge to be loud and proud, it’s probably my defensive lineman upbringing because deep down I know, I'm loud, proud and pumped for the bigger team, our community #TeamNebraska.

That said, our team made some dope shit I wanted to share....

Up First….The Shark Week Box

Who doesn’t love Shark Week? TV channels go nuts for it and even Shaq plays into it! Which means we were pumped when Discovery Channel approached us with the opportunity to license Shark Week and create the box to promote this crazy holiday.

One of the most awesome things about this box is….we created everything inside the box….except the Swedish Fish. Perhaps we should have titled this box….Everything but the fish?!

This meant everything from idea to concept to design, product creation, website, social media, commercials, etc -- The Bulu team did it!

Check out the guts of the box that WE MADE OURSELVES!

  • EXCLUSIVE SHARK WEEK™ BOBBLEHEAD. Who doesn’t love bobbleheads?

  • EXCLUSIVE SHARK WEEK™ HEAT-CHANGING MUG. You’ll never drink your coffee or hot tea out of a boring cup again! Plus, this heat-activated transforming mug changes color to reveal a shiver of interesting sharks appears right before your eyes.

  • EXCLUSIVE SHARK WEEK™ BINGO CARDS. This beats grandma’s bingo club any day. Creates a fun way to watch for Shark Week shows!

  • SHARK WEEK™ KINETIC SAND. Remember gak and floam? Yeah, kinda of like that. People can’t stop messing with this kinetic sand.

  • EXCLUSIVE SHARK WEEK™ DRESS UP & WORD MAGNETS. Think paper dolls for sharks, but way more cool and imaginative.

  • EXCLUSIVE SHARK WEEK™ T-SHIRT. No matter your audience, people go gaga for soft, comfy, unique tees.

Plus, we didn’t want this cool stuff inside a regular ‘ol box… we wanted to make the box part of the experience (something I talk about in depth in this guide to launching and growing a Subscription Box Program).

So when a person orders the Shark Week box, not only can they get excited about all of the shark week swag that’s headed their way, but they know they can play with the box and create a shark out of that too. Killer!! (haha, get it?)

Next Up: Partnering with BuzzFeed to launch Lunarly Box

If you watch Shark Tank (not to be confused with Shark Week!) you’ll hear stories like, “When Big Brand XYZ called us, we knew we were onto something…”

Welp, this is that type of call for us. BuzzFeed!!!!!!!!!!

BuzzFeed reaches millions of people each day with viral content and new stories - which they’ve been cleverly monetizing through specific programs, partnerships with brands, and top secret initiatives that we’re not allowed to talk about!

As one of their initiatives, Bulu partnered with BuzzFeed to create -- the nature-inspired monthly self-care subscription powered by the new moon. Yea, the MOON mother f*****!

Piggybacking on the movement of mindful living and tying this into predictable patterns like the renewal of the new moon, millennials are going crazy for this box. The growth in organic following on social media alone has been incredible.

Oh, and there’s even a big brand partnering with BuzzFeed through this box. Perhaps we can talk more about that in the future!

This is an example of a smart brand building an audience long before they activate it - [again something we talk about in the launching a Subscription Box Guide].

Last but not least… one of the top 10 biggest brands in the world gets to launch the press release for this Subscription Box and then I’ll talk about it.

But let’s just say if you start following me here, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snap or Insta sometimes I provide a little more color on some cray shit we’re working on...


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