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Harvard Business Review Thinks Every Company Can Be a Subscription Company

I was interviewed a bit ago by Robbie Kellman Baxter, a strategy consultant, for one of her recent books regarding the membership economy. We dove into the claim that “every business can be a subscription business.” I happen to think it's true. Robbie's research became an HBR IdeaCast episode recently.

At Bulu, we’ve seen customers from boutique brands to Fortune 500 companies create predictable recurring revenue using a subscription model. Subscriptions are not only a way to “build a deeper, trusted, formal relationship with your best customers,” as Kellman Baxter explains﹘ subscriptions can expand your reach to a demographic that seeks the convenience and trust fostered by a great subscription experience.

Speaking of great subscription experiences, check out this article on 5 Reasons Subscription Box Programs Fail to Succeed for a deeper dive into some of the topics mentioned during the podcast.

Listen or read the transcript of this episode of HBR IdeaCast and leave a comment below (or on social media) to let me know if you agree that “every business can be a subscription business.”


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