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Logistics, Football, & Reluctant Entrepreneurship

Insights on Logistics & Entrepreneurship from the Latest SOAR Payments Episode

Hey there, folks! Paul Jarrett here, CEO and Co-Founder of Bulu. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with SOAR Payment's Kevin Rosenquist, and we covered everything from my college football days to Stephanie's and my days in New York in marketing to San Francisco and my unexpected leap into entrepreneurship and the ins and outs of logistics. If you're a business owner or entrepreneur in the consumer packaged goods industry, this episode is packed with insights and real talk you won't want to miss. 💯

From the Football Field to the Business Arena: My journey has been anything but typical. Many know I was born and raised in a trailer park right here in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I played defensive line at Iowa State. These experiences taught me resilience and a keep-it-real-attitude that I've carried into my business career. I learned early on that the key to success is understanding the game beyond just the plays - it's about strategy, operations, and teamwork.

Demystifying Logistics -- Cut the BS: Let's be real - logistics can feel daunting. But trust me when I say that it's truly not as complicated as everyone has made it out to be. It's really about finding the most pain-free way to deliver products to the customer. At Bulu, We Do The Tricky Ship, which really means we have made it simple for all brands to Ship Like a Major Brand and get on retail shelves in front of the customers they want.

Reluctant Entrepreneurship to Keynote Speaker / CEO / Co-Founder / "Get-Shhh-Done(r?)": I never set out to be an "entrepreneur." In fact, I do not even like the word and would call myself a "reluctant entrepreneur." I got into this game out of necessity, but along the way, I discovered a passion for building and growing businesses. Today, I'm also a keynote speaker, sharing my journey and insights with others. One of the key messages I emphasize is to Keep it Real💯. It's all about authenticity - being real about the challenges and triumphs that come in business and in life. Without this, you cannot build the momentum needed to scale your brand or business.

Launching in the Subscription Box Space to Innovating in the Logistics Industry: At Bulu, we've pioneered new models in the subscription box industry. Working with major brands like Disney, GNC, Clorox, etc., we've learned a lot about what it takes to get products into consumers' hands efficiently and effectively. It's been a wild ride, and I shared some of the most valuable lessons we've learned along the way on this episode. 🚀 📣📣📣 AND if I could shout out and download everybody on one thing, it would simply be - Don't worry. Everybody's just kind of figuring it out too. 🤯

So finally... & Why You Should Listen In: This episode of SOAR Payments podcast is a goldmine of insights for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of logistics and entrepreneurship. Whether you're just starting out or looking to build momentum and scale your business, there's something in it for you.

BOTTOM LINE. At Bulu, we just love helping people who are growth minded and have that entrepreneurial spirit - even if you also don't like to call yourself an entrepreneur 😉. Let us remove the roadblocks of logistics and fulfillment for you. YOU GO SELL. We'll deliver.


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