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Now Available—Our Finely Tuned Financial Model

Quick! Before I change my mind and take it down, head over to to purchase our Subscription Box Financial Model Template which we've finely tuned over the last 12 years and after launching 16 Subscription Box programs.

In the past, this financial model was only available to Bulu's Subscription Box partners as part of a new program package that ran $25,000. But now you can snag it for just $995. This is a tool I wish Stephanie and I would have had from day 1 because it covers every aspect of a business including the unique parts of a subscription box business. It's a huge advantage and a significant head start. And I hope it contributes to making your Subscription Box business wildly successful (I know it can).

Plus, if you love numbers (like me), but hate math (like me)—you can still use this file. The team at Bulu created a Form tab in the file which is the ONLY thing you need to edit. You don't have to understand any formulas, how to calculate churn, where to input cost of goods—none of that! Just answer the questions in the Form and it will generate the following items for you automatically:

   1) Accrual Summary

   2) Cash Summary

   3) Accrual Model

   4) Cash Model 

   5) Churn Model – monthly or quarterly

   6) Cash Transaction Churn Model - monthly or quarterly

BTW: Keep an eye out for more Subscription Box resources from Bulu. Coming soon!


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